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Do you feel the same way, you have an invitation, but you don't know which souvenir is the right one? A sweet surprise guarantees you a confident appearance.

Say “Happy Birthday” with the original Landtmann Guglhupf!

Celebrate your loved ones' birthday with a delicious tradition from Vienna - the original Landtmann Guglhupf. Our Guglhupf is more than just a cake; it is a piece of living history and a symbol of the excellent Viennese pastry art.

Using carefully selected ingredients, each Guglhupf is baked by hand according to a recipe passed down through generations. The result is an unmistakable taste: tender, buttery and simply delicious.

Our original Landtmann Guglhupf is available in exclusive premium packaging that reflects the charm of Café Landtmann. It's the perfect gift for the birthday child, a treat for the whole family or an addition to your birthday party.

Let yourself and your guests be enchanted by the art of Viennese pastries and celebrate your loved one's birthday with a touch of elegance and tradition. Order it

Get your original Landtmann Guglhupf today and make every birth celebration an unforgettable culinary experience!

Celebrate your anniversary with the original Landtmann Guglhupf!

Do you want to give a special gift to someone celebrating an anniversary or celebrate a special milestone yourself? How could this be achieved better than with a culinary jewel that embodies Viennese tradition and the elegance of Café Landtmann?

Our original Landtmann Guglhupf, an achievement of the Austrian pastry art, is the perfect present for your anniversary celebration. The marble cake is made with the greatest dedication and according to the best craftsmanship traditions. It is a true taste experience and the result of 150 years of baking experience.

In the exclusive premium packaging, the Guglhupf presents itself with charm and reflects the elegance of Café Landtmann.

Celebrate with a touch of Vienna and order your original Landtmann Guglhupf today. Experience quality and enjoyment in every bite and make your anniversary an unforgettable moment for everyone involved!