Immerse yourself in the sweet history of Viennese baking tradition with our Landtmann's Original Guglhupf and enjoy a true jewel from our fine patisserie.

Our Viennese marble bundt cake is the result of 150 years of experience and dedication to the highest quality. In the style of the legendary Café Landtmann in Vienna, which is known for its elegance and sophistication, our Guglhupf is made using the best Viennese pastry craftsmanship.

Every piece of our Landtmann's Original Guglhupf is baked with carefully selected ingredients according to a tried and tested recipe that has been passed down through generations. The taste is unique, with a rich aroma that makes every bite a real pleasure.

The Landtmann's Original Guglhupf is not just a cake, but a piece of Viennese pastry culture. It is prepared by hand and is presented in elegant packaging that reflects the tradition and charm of Café Landtmann.

Whether you enjoy it alone, share it with friends and family, serve it at company parties or give it away as a sweet souvenir, our Landtmann's Original Guglhupf will take you into a world of sweet memories. Treat yourself to a unique taste experience and let yourself be enchanted by the art of Viennese pastries. Order your Landtmann's Original Guglhupf today and enjoy a piece of Viennese tradition.

Ingredients:, Sugar, wheat flour, butter, egg white, yolk, water, vanilla sugar (sugar, vanillin), cocoa, lemon peel
Durability:, 5 days
Storage:, Storage: must be stored at room temperature and is intended for immediate consumption.

A cereal containing gluten
B Crustaceans
C egg
D fish
E peanut
F soy
G milk or lactose
H Nuts
L celery
M mustard
N sesame
Oh sulfites
P lupins
R molluscs

Energy, 1845 kj 441 kcal
Bold, 21.6 g
- of which saturated fatty acids, 11.63 g
Carbohydrates, 55.4 g
Bread units, 4.62 BE
- of which sugar, 20.08 g
Egg white, 6.7 g
Salt, 0.325 g
Fiber, 1.1 g
Alcohol, 0.0 g

Marmor Guglhupf (750g)


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